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Laguna Beach - Undated

Dear Family,

       I received your letter yesterday and was, of course, very sad to hear of Walter & Edith's departure. I had just been thinking of Walter a few days before receiving your letter. It seems that I failed to be as kind of them as they were to me, which by now is a classic failure of mine in family matters.

       I have left my landscaping job, but I expect to start a job working construction on Monday. I had accumulated a bankroll of $65 dollars, which I had stolen out of my room, so the books are being balanced.

       Laguna Beach is beautiful and although there have been 3 or four cloudy days, not a drop of rain has fallen since I got here. From where I sit now I can look out on the Pacific and the view never fails to overwhelm me.

       For the past few weeks I have spent a lot of time on the beach and have actually succeeded in reading two very good books. One is The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi. It is an account of the life of Christ transcribed from the Akashic Record. The Akashic Record is what might also be called the Universal Memory in which everything is recorded and which [is] accessible through the inner mind. It is a rather hard thing to relate to unless you are familiar with the occult sciences which are getting a good deal of my attention lately.

       The second book is The Kybalion. It is the book which is the basis for Hermetic Philosophy, which is probably the most ancient and most acceptable philosophy on all the powers throughout the universe.

       I'm not sure now whether or not I'll leave California before the winter is over, the Temperature is down to about 75 or 70 during the day so it's a little cold for the beach.

       It's Friday night now so I think I'll go party with all the people in the Hotel. Bye for now.



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