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Location Unknown - November 24, 1969

Dear Mom & Dad,

       I just received your letter and the beauty of it is just going to make writing this one a lot harder. I am sorry to tell you that about 10 days ago, I was arrested for sales of marijuana. As is always the case, I feel my greatest crime is carelessness or something about equally as serious. I will not bother to tell you the details of my arrest as it would probably only depress you. Instead I will explain to you the way I interpret my arrest.

       At the time of my last arrest, with Anthony in Caldor, I came to the realization that my arrests all serve mostly as a focal point for self-examination of my life's direction. It tells me that I'm doing something wrong, but it relates only slight to my "crime"! In other words, I am guilty of an internal moral crime, not necessarily one against humanity.

       In this case, I believe that my "crime" is stagnation. As you well know, I am capable of doing much more than I am doing, and my failure to live up to my ability is indeed a crime, one which I hope to resolve in the future. My punishment is fitting; focused stagnation in jail.

       You should not feel sorry for me or worry about me, though, because my previous experience has conditioned me well for this one,and this jail is the easiest one I have ever been in. There is a TV to make the time go by easily and to keep my mind off the more depressing aspects of my confinement, I can shower every day and the food is the best I've ever had in jail.

       The worst part of the whole thing is thinking of you and what this must mean to you and Barbara if she finds out. I'll write to keep you informed of the results of my trial. I think I'll be acquitted or else get a light sentence, but I could get up to 1 years. If you don't worry, I won't. I'm sorry it had to happen, but it did.

Love & Peace,


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