Everybody wants to know what the characters they love look like, right? Especially me. On this page you'll find three catalog clippings I used as references (hey, it was the year 2000, okay?), police-style sketches made using, and my series of collages inspired by the Dream. 

Original Clippings

These are the original models I used for Josh, Winsor, and Deloise. I have no idea what magazines or catalogues they came from. I actually think Deloise is styled a oddly, but otherwise dead on, and I love the sweet little smile on her face. Winsor is way too severe--and she looks like she just came out from the rain. Obviously Josh's makeup is ridiculously dramatic, especially for a character who never wears makeup, and her eyes should be green, but there's something reserved in her expression that's just right.

Police Sketches

Below are some police-style sketches I made using Portrait Pad (you can use it for free at!).  The limitations of the program are pretty significant; there just aren't enough options.  And most of the noses are really weird, which is why most of these sketches use the same nose.  And the hair selection is very small, so nobody's hair looks right.  But I think the sketches capture the spirit of the characters.  Maybe somebody out there who can draw could improve on these.


I began making collages as a teenager, thanks to my grandmother's donation of dozens of 1970s' National Geographics. Everything is cut and pasted by hand using an Exacto knife and Elmer's glue sticks. I sometimes make tiny digital changes; for example, I'll repair scratches or darken the cut sides of the pages so they don't reflect. I try to avoid making an substantial changes. All of these collages were inspired by the Dream.

In the Dream, No. 1

In the Dream, No. 2

In the Dream, No. 3

In the Dream, No. 4

In the Dream, No. 5


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