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Puppy Roll Call Part 3

Less than a year after I adopted Allie, I had a dream that I woke up, walked into the kitchen with my arms outspread to greet my puppy horde, and then counted the dogs in front of me. But there was one more than I was expecting! I felt strongly that the dream meant I was ready to adopt another dog. Rinny came from a shelter outside Nashville, where she was abandoned with one of her puppies. She has a deformity in one knee, but it doesn't slow her down. Rinny is the glutonous one, and she's clever enough to find food when we think we've hidden it all. Just today, she crept into a china cabinet and helped herself to some uncooked corkscrew pasta, but in the past she's eaten oatmeal, chicken salad, pizza, and an iced latte. She and Allie are best friends and can almost always be found napping together.

Rinny - adjusted.jpg

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