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Boston - Undated

Dear Family,

       I have been in Boston since you last saw me, and you have been in my mind everyday. I thought, though, that you might be interested in what I'm doing. Since I haven't been able to explain what I do when I'm not doing it, I will try to explain what I do while I'm doing it.

I am basically a student. I will give you a list of my courses and their teachers.

       Also I am taking several self instruction courses such as Psychology, Art, Composition, and Economics.

       Now, this would seem to be quite a curricular if it were not for the fact that I quite enjoy every subject. I also feel that each one is preparing me for the future.

       As an Expression of affection for both my courses and you, I will give a synopses of each and how it ties in with my future.

Religious Science

       Religious Science is a new course and to me the most amazing course I take. The information on their course is received basically from my text "Morning of the Magicians" by Louis Pauwels. I sometimes get assistance from my friends in group discussions.

       The logic in this course is Relative to Theoretical Physics (watch the pun). Mr. Pauwels goes to basic structure of religion before the advent of commercial denominations. He discusses mythology, alchemy and their relation to today's religion and technology. He relates the chemical processes in the atom to the chemical processes in the mind and they are strikingly similar.

       It is based upon positive and negative mental action and positive and negative magnetic action.

       The advantages this course gives me for the future are innumerable. Besides giving me insight into my morality it is teaching me very basic things with chemistry and electricity.

Music & Poetry

       I have combined these two because all poetry is musical and all music is poetic. My music teachers are the Beatles and also a friend of mine, Jim, who plays the guitar. The reason I chose these people to teach me is that music is melody and these are the most melodic people I have heard.

       Poetry to me is basically great word tricks put to rhythm. My teachers are written in the order of their talent in my opinion. Bob Dylan is perhaps the most intelligent person I have ever heard speak. I think if you ask the majority of kids today whether they would rather meet Dylan or Nixon, I think most would choose Dylan.

       Donovan, to me, is the most lyrical person creating today. I think that you would agree with me if you ever heard any of his work.

       Allen Ginsberg's style of writing is often difficult for me to decipher. I am trying, though, and sometimes he astounds me with his clarity.

       Both these courses are invaluable to me because one of my fondest ambitions is to be a poet-musician such as all the people, except Ginsberg, who teaches me.

Greek Drama

       This is a short course, in which I am taking the Theban Plays and studying them. This course is simple, but also beneficial if my playwriting is going to improve.

Theoretical Physics

       This course is taught by your old friend Einstein. I have been reading a book of his scientific essays, and also a more technical analysis of his work titled "The Universe and Dr. Einstein." He is a fascinating gentleman and so is his non-colleagues whom I sometimes consult, J. Robert Oppenheimer.

       This course may not be greatly beneficial to my future, but it is terribly interesting and I don't think you would object to my taking it.

Physical Education

       This course could more easily be titled "Yoga." I now do yoga postures for approximately one hour every day. My health is improving rapidly, I smoke perhaps one cigarette a day, and this is very important to my future.


       This is a correlative of the previous course only it involves food. Another basic factor regarding health is diet. Loren is Jim's wife and she has been very helpful in showing me a balanced diet with not too much meat in it.


       This is an extremely interesting and important course. It is taught from two of the oldest, most interesting books in existence.

       The Chinese Book of Change is a method for self-analysis. It has recently been picked apart and it has proven to be a binary computer, which is a very modern invention indeed.

       The book of Tarot is just as ancient but far more obscure. It has an accompanying deck of cards and you use this also for self-analysis. There is a strange and unbelievable type of universal symbolism to it, which is what historians for years have been trying to find.

       I put Edgar Cayce in the History category because he seems to have a cosmic memory and often goes back to the time of Atlantis which I firmly believe existed. There is evidence piling up every day to make me believe it did and none to make me think it didn't.

       It seems to me that the further you go back the more you learn about the future and the better prepared you are for the present which is truly all you feel, or rather all that truly exists.

       I guarantee that I spend at least three hours a week on each of these courses, plus considerable time on each of the self-instruction courses which I will elaborate on later. It seems to me that a 16 hour week at Howard would be stagnation.

       I love you all and you are constantly on my mind. I hope each of you will write me at

                         1299 Commonwealth Ave, Apt 8

                         c/o Highman (No Pun)

                         Allston, Mass. 02154



P.S. Help in Economics would be unbelievably appreciated although this is not an appeal for money.

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