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New Publication!

I'm delighted to announce that one of my poems, "Over the Music," will appear in the new edition of From Whispers to Roars. Additionally, one of Dreamfire-themed collages will appear. Click on the magazine's cover to check them out!

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If you haven't read the first two books in the Dream Walker Trilogy, have no fear!  You can now buy them both in a single paperback volume.

Dream Forever

Even though he's disappeared, Josh knows her grandfather is still out there, and when corpses begin appearing in the Dream, she has a pretty good idea who's responsible.


Feodor is dead. 


But he isn’t gone.


Every night, Josh’s dreams are full of his memories—his life, his inventions, and his descent into madness.  With her best friend still in a coma, her boyfriend traumatized by his near-death experience, and her abilities as True Dream Walker nowhere to be found, the temptation to use Feodor’s ideas to her own advantage is almost irresistible. 


As her grandfather schemes to take control of the dream-walker government, Josh and Will join forces with a deposed princess against him.  But they’ll need help from both their friends and their enemies to stop Peregrine this time, and ultimately Josh will have to choose between saving the World and saving her relationship with Will.




Unlike most 17-year-olds, Joshlyn Weaver has a sacred duty.  She's the celebrated daughter of the dream walkers, a secret society whose members enter the Dream universe we all share and battle nightmares.  If they fail, the emotional turmoil in the Dream could boil over and release nightmares into the World.
Despite Josh's reputation as a dream walking prodigy, she's haunted by her mistakes. A lapse in judgment and the death of someone she loved have shaken her confidence.  Now she's been assigned an apprentice, a boy whose steady gaze sees right through her, and she's almost as afraid of getting close to him as she is of getting him killed.
But when strangers with impossible powers begin appearing in the Dream, it isn't just Will that Josh has to protect--it's the whole World.

Alloway’s writing is rich and vivid, and the dynamics within the close-knit cast of characters make the

danger even more delicious as readers watch for the outcome.

School Library Journal


The nightmare vignettes are rivetingly chilling. A dark and exciting paranormal adventure.

Kirkus Review


A suspenseful riddle full of intrigue.

Publishers Weekly


Readers will be richly rewarded with effective mystery, a charged romance (of course Will and Josh wind up together), and a cool alternative world detailed onto our current one in ways that make expected places and scenes unfamiliar and magical.

Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books.

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